Balloon fiesta best seen from South Bristol

Published on: 03 Sep 2015

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WITH record crowds at Ashton Court, those South Bristolians who chose to stay at home to enjoy the mass ascents may feel they made the right choice.

August’s balloon fiesta was blessed with good weather and for the first time in its 37 years, all seven mass ascents took place. But crowds on Saturday hit capacity. As traffic reached gridlock the Ashton site was closed, leaving many waiting for hours without getting in.

In contrast Perrett’s Park once again proved a popular and relaxed viewpoint for the balloons, with hundreds enjoying the evening ascents. This year saw the launch of Bedminster-based Cameron Balloons’ unique solar-assisted balloon. It flew on just five litres of propane when a normal balloon would use 60.

Pictured is a photograph by Voice reader Lauren Reading-Gloversmith, who won our Balloon Fiesta photo competition, sponsored by Greenwoods estate agents.

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