More great views of the balloon fiesta

Published on: 27 Aug 2017

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Pictured top: Roger Turner's winning view of North Street with balloons

Look mum, balloons!

Pictured: Look, mum! One we didn't have room for in the paper: Benaiah Nixon spots balloons from his home in Redcatch Road, Knowl. By Liz Nixon

Jude Brown

PIctured: Jude Brown's view of balloons above Windmill Hill

Jane Vellender

Pictured: Jane Vellender's view of balloon watchers on Bayham Road, Knowle

THE WIND wasn’t as kind to South Bristol residents as it sometimes is at Balloon Fiesta time. Over four days of ascents from August 10-13, people from Bedminster to Knowle often got only distant views of the aviators after they ascended from Ashton Court.

But it didn’t seem to dent the enthusiasm of the entrants to our annual balloon photo competition.

And it did nothing to deter a record entry to our other competitions.

The star prize, a champagne balloon flight generously provided by First Flight, was won by Joanne Weston of Stillhouse Lane, Bedminster. She was one of scores of readers to answer correctly that the quantity of air held by First Flight’s Tribute balloon is 210,000 cubic feet.

Four other winners will share a collection of Cameron Balloons clothing and items including a wind cheater, hi-viz vests, Cameron baseball caps and a fantastic book about Bristol’s aviation heritage.

They are Cinzia Apreda of Nelson Street, Bedminster; Shirley A Bear of Brighton Terrace, Bedminster; Matt Burns of Richmond Street, Totterdown; and Rachel Sandeman of Bristol South End, Bedminster. 

Bedminster seems to have done very well for prizes – but rest assured all our winners are picked with a random number generator – there’s been no favouritism!

It was difficult to select the photo winners from so many great entries but those who will receive their prizes from our generous sponsor Greenwoods estate agents are:

1st £25 Roger Turner for his enhanced view down North Street;

2nd £10 Laura Lyons, who caught a perfect V-shape alignment of balloons from Bedminster Down;

3rd £5 Eloïse Brochot-Sharpe, aged 7, who took her view from her bedroom window in Queensdale Crescent, Knowle Park.

As always, our competition was only open to pictures taken of balloons flying over South Bristol – not for shots taken in Ashton Court itself. But we couldn’t resist sharing Alison Thiru’s stunning sunset image of First Flight’s Thatcher’s balloon taken at lift-off.

Alison used a filter on her picture but admitted: “I had no clue what I was doing with the filter – I just tried it. I’m a snap it and shove it on Facebook kind of girl!”

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