World's only Berry Maze bears fruit at last

Published on: 24 Nov 2017

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Pictured top: We did it! From left, organiser Raluca McKett, Cllr Jon Wellington, Liam Blackford, Jackie Smith, Karin Smyth MP and Tom and Patrick Rainey

Karin Smyth & Liam Blackford & Raluca McKett

Above, Liam Blackford and Raluca McKett show Karin Smyth MP the extent of the maze

AFTER months of hard work, the Malago Greenway Berry Maze is a reality.

November 17 saw dozens of volunteers take the final step – planting more than 230 soft fruit plants which will eventually grow into a maze up to 4m tall.

Bristol South MP Karin Smyth was one of those lending a hand. Though she admitted she is not naturally green-fingered, under instruction from organiser Raluca McKett she planted a jostaberry – a cross between a blackcurrant and a gooseberry.

Ms Smyth declared herself truly impressed with the project. She heard how the volunteers have overcome several obstacles over the year. Some vandalism has been repaired, and even the discovery that the ground was full of buried car parts didn’t stop work. Members of the Good Gym shifted tons of rubble from the plot off Marksbury Road – site of a former scout hut which burned down about 40 years ago.

The area has been negelected ever since and became a prime spot for flytipping. It’s hoped the new project will encourage people to take pride in the area.

Raluca believes it is the only maze planted with soft fruit in the world – she can’t find any others anywhere on the internet.

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