Voice Concorde winners get a tour of the Blue Glass secrets

Published on: 27 May 2016

Bristol Blue Glass competition winners

Picture: supersonic prize winners Angela Leslie and Jimmy Neale, centre, are presented with their Blue Pennies by Blue Glass marketing manager Sharon Crapanzano, left, and head glassblower Aaron Golding

Pictures below show the process of making a wineglass at the workshops of Bristol Blue Glass in Bath Road, Arnos Vale


Voice Concorde winners get a tour of the Blue Glass secrets

DELIGHTED winners of the South Bristol Voice competition to win a special Bristol Blue Concorde commemorative penny were treated to a demonstration of glassblowing at the Bristol Blue works in Arnos Vale.

The Voice asked for memories of Concorde to win a Bristol Blue Penny to mark 40 years since Concorde first flew commercially.

We received many touching stories of personal connections with the supersonic plane.

Angela Leslie of Ashton treasures her memory of flying on Concorde with her husband, who sadly died six months later.

Angela and her husband were passengers on what turned out to be Concorde’s last-ever day charter flight in 2000.

“When we landed, the pilot said to my husband, ‘How was that?’ and my husband said, ‘I’m so happy I could kiss you,’ at which the pilot said, “No thanks, but I’ll kiss your wife instead!’

“I will always remember it. The pilot said that over the Atlantic we were the highest and fastest human beings on Earth. The sky was navy blue because we were on the edge of space.

“My face was aching from smiling so much when we landed. It was worth every penny of the £600 each we paid.”

Jimmy Neale of Arnos Vale regrets he never flew on the plane – but he did spend 27 years working at the plant where it was built and first flown, at Filton.

Jimmy said BAC staff were offered flights in Concorde for a discounted rate of £300, but it seemed a lot of money so he didn’t go. He regretted it, especially when he found out that travel agents were selling the same package for £3,000!

“I remember the first flight of the prototype,” said Jimmy. “They weren’t sure how much of the runway she would need to take off, so they had her backed right up to the perimeter fence at Filton. When the pilot opened up the engines she took off, and blew the fence down!” 

Bristol Blue marketing manager Sharon Crapanzano showed the winners around the Bath Road glassworks, and glassblowers demonstrated how a wineglass is made by hand. 

Other winners were Matthew Jackson, Ella Wheatcroft and Elizabeth Sheppard.

Glassmaking at Bristol Blue GlassGlass making at Bristol Blue Glass


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