James explores the Bookbarn, which is offering a free book to Voice readers

Published on: 02 Feb 2018

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The Bookbarn

Somerset’s most expansive bookstore, Bookbarn, is offering Voice readers a free book when they take along the advertisement below. 

To set the scene, we asked special reporter James Drury, 10, to visit Bookbarn and tell us what he found. This is his report …


AS YOU walk into the Bookbarn, books tower as high as skyscrapers and you smell the wonderful food. The nicest thing I enjoyed was the Paradise Slice.

It’s just like a library but you can buy and take the books home! The rows go on forever!

If you go you will see that at the end of each row it is in colour order with green spines, blue spines, red spines and so on. There is a plan available to carry with you. There are chairs dotted around to read in.

Also there is a big sign-in book that dates back years ago and there is a sign saying ‘We give a Warm Welcome’ in the window. 

The Full Stop café has a great selection of food like sandwiches, cakes, quiches and soups for kids and adults. There are lots of seats and tables plus a nice warm fire to snuggle up by.

If you are going to chuck away a book, why not give it to Bookbarn? They never throw away a book but recycle it into toilet paper. Another good thing about the Bookbarn is that it is the perfect cold and wet day out for any age. They are wheelchair- friendly and parking spaces are free. It is located just 30 minutes from Bath, Bristol and Wells.  

I found a good book about warplanes, boats, tanks and trucks. The best bit is that it shows you inside the vehicles, like the engine and its special features.                     James Drury

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