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Stories about charity events

South Bristol barn dance to fund Kenya school

Mar 01 2016

Thumbnail ImageFORMER Hengrove school librarian, Linda Greenland and her husband Mike Radford have enabled thousands of pupils to enjoy education at the primary schools they have helped to build in Kenya - and several hundred have gone on to secondary education, college and university, completing courses such as Teaching, Hospitality, Marine Management, IT, Electrical engineering, Accounting and Medicine. Students have come from the poorest family environments and have worked hard because they "saw the light at the end of the tunnel" - Linda and Mike have been there, with help from sponsors locally (and further afield), shining that light with the promise to help them continue. They visited Kenya 18 years ago as tourists and were determined to help give children in Timbwani village a brighter future. They built Maji Safi School and then later on, a sister school called Inspirations. Many pupils are now working and contributing back into their communities. ... Read More