Community rallies after Totterdown mosque attack

Published on: 21 Jan 2016

MANY people have heard about the nasty attack on the Bristol Jamia mosque in Totterdown on Sunday.
Immediately there was a huge outpouring of support from the Totterdown community, among them the opening of the Oxford pub to receive messages of support (it's normally shut on Monday).
There will be a feature on the mosque and the very positive response to the racist incident in the next edition of the Voice, out at the end of January.
The mosque have asked us to pass on this message of thanks, and an invitation to visit them on Sunday.
"The Bristol Jamia Mosque community is tremendously humbled by the positive words of comfort and the expression of peace and unity contained in the written messages and cards sent to us. it is beyond thank you....... These messages have truly demonstrated that we are all supporters of tolerance and peace and as a Mosque, we are proud to be amongst you all. No doubt, all our neighbourly relations proves valuable during any violation of peace and we pray that we can all continue these relations forever.
"We warmly welcome and invite you to join us for tea and coffee this Sunday 24th January 2016 between 1.30-3.00pm at our Mosque in Totterdown to stand in solidarity and mutual respect.
"We would like this opportunity to be a reflection of our synergies during which time we can all be talking to each other with words of friendships and understanding.
We look forward to meeting you then.
Best Wishes,
Zaheer Shabir on behalf of the Bristol Jamia Mosque, Green Street, Totterdown"

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