Eat local, says City Farm

Published on: 03 Sep 2015

AN UNUSUAL drive to persuade  consumers in the city that they can eat locally-produced food takes place next month at Windmill Hill City Farm.

Described as “a celebration of local food for all the family”, Eat Local will form a day of activities at the farm with plenty of chances to sample the best in local produce on Saturday September 27 from 11am to 6pm.

The farm grows vegetables and fruit, as well as raising its own animals for free-range meat.

Visitors will be able to watch fresh local produce being cooked on a firepit in the paddock and take part in a pizza-making workshop.

They can enjoy meat and vegetables fresh from the farm on the barbecue and explore and taste what the region has to offer from local producers’ stands. 

There will be live country music and local ales, plus a host of nature activities and games for children.

The event is supported by Fresh Range, a Bristol company which delivers food produced in Somerset and Gloucestershire.

It delivers everything from fruit and vegetables to meat, bread and fish and is working with the farm to promote its city-grown food. 

“We have started selling our meat through them – our meat production is really building up”, said Simone Dougall, spokesperson for the farm.

Teach-in: fungi Picture: LUCY MENTER


“We are selling goats meat and rose veal – we are rearing four calves for veal now after starting with two last year.”

The veal is cruelty free – the animals are free to move and is from male calves which are often shot at birth but are reared at the farm for 16 months.

• The farm is also taking bookings for a workshop where you can learn all about fungi – from identification to cultivation.

The workshop will include techniques to create mushroom spawn and other outdoor methods of cultivating that you can easily try at home. It’s on October 10 from 10am to 4pm and costs £45. Details:

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