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Published on: 08 Jan 2016

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A commercial property specialist has urged the Government to extend Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone – TQEZ – into South Bristol.

The chancellor, George Osborne, said in his autumn statement in November that the thriving Bristol enterprise zone should be expanded – but he did not say where.

Neither is it clear how much would be invested in the zone, which aims to create 17,000 jobs over the next 25 years. It includes the site of the arena.

Paul Williams, head of agency at Bruton Knowles, said the thriving creative hubs south of the river were ideally placed to benefit from an enterprise zone. 

He said: “Details are yet to be announced on where the expanded zone will go. Realistically, the adjacent industrial pocket between the main railway line to the north and the River Avon to the south would make a logical extension zone, but we feel South Bristol’s bustling creative hubs should also be given serious consideration.

 “We feel that pushing the boundary out into South Bristol could be just the boost this area needs in order to build on recent positive developments, such as the opening of Filwood Green business park, the South Bristol Link Road and the forthcoming MetroBus system.”

 Temple Quarter has already attracted more than 2,000 jobs.

 Mr Williams said: “Temple Quarter was once something of a backwater but is now being seen as the trendy place to be. This is exactly what has been happening in South Bristol as new creative and media companies have transformed the fortunes of what were semi-derelict areas of the city. South Bristol has been the poor relation for too long.”

 He said a “golden triangle”, bounded by the Temple Studios, Paintworks and Bath Road Studios on one side, extending to the Bottle Yard film studios in Whitchurch and Filwood Green Business Park, could benefit from being in an enterprise zone.

 He believes the South Bristol Link, due to open in winter 2016 and joining Hengrove Park to the A370 at Long Ashton, will open up South Bristol for business.

“Once the new link road is built Filwood Green business park will be far better served. Business people and commuters will have a faster and more direct route to the other side of Bristol – without having to run the gauntlet of the city centre.”




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