Your tales of nurturing hedgehogs in South Bristol

Sep 29 2017

Lots of you are looking out for hedghogs after our appeal in the last issue, it seems, writes Alex Morss... Read More

Hedgehogs breeding in BS3

Aug 25 2017

Thumbnail ImageHedgehogs breeding in BS3 – plus My Wild Bedminster competition... Read More

Hundreds of great gardens rewarded in BS4

Aug 25 2017

Thumbnail ImageBS4 Good Gardens scheme rewards kids who use their imagination by planting in footwear... Read More

Children draw the South Bristol environment they'd like to see

Jun 22 2017

Thumbnail ImageHOW would our neighbourhood look if planning were steered through the eyes of children? The answer looks ambitious – with ideas for the future of south Bristol being revealed after school kids worked with environmental experts to rethink the outdoors. By Alex Morss... Read More

Clean-up is having an impact on Malago green space

Jun 22 2017

Thumbnail ImageMORE than 50 people came together to clear the Malago Greenway of rubbish on June 10. From a standing start a year ago, the Friends of Malago Greenway have cleared the river and its surroundings of rubbish, including fridges and mattresses.... Read More

Slow worms not such a rarity in BS3

Jun 22 2017

Thumbnail ImageTHE reason My Wild Bedminster began was because BS3 is one of the most impoverished areas for wildlife in Bristol, because it is so built up and has so many small gardens. But you’d never guess, given the variety of animal photos sent in to our monthly wildlife competition!... Read More

Results of the BS3 winter bird survey

May 26 2017

23 members of the BS3 Wildlife Group submitted reports covering this six month period. This was almost twice last year’s response, but unfortunately, two people didn’t present the data in a form that could be used, so the real figure is 21. ... Read More

First winner of our My Wild Bedminster photo competition

May 26 2017

My Wild Bedminster and how to get involved... Read More

Call to ban outdoor adverts – especially digital ones

May 26 2017

Thumbnail ImageDO YOU think advertising billboards help brighten up the streets of South Bristol? Or do you find them a blight on the cityscape? Campaigners are starting a conversation about outdoor advertising in the hope that the number of billboards can be reduced – especially in community shopping areas such as North Street, Southville.... Read More

TV presenter Andy Day to judge BS3 wildlife contest

May 12 2017

Thumbnail ImageJoin in with My Wild Bedminster as we celebrate the wildlife we have in BS3, and work out how to improve our natural habitats ... Read More