Northern Slopes: We don't want a through route for cycles

Published on: 24 Mar 2017

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Slopes also wants to fend off cycleway

VOLUNTEERS who help look after the Northern Slopes have told council officials they want the Filwood Quietway cycleway routed outside the open space.

Members of the Northern Slopes Initiative (NSI) told officers from the council’s cycling and parks teams that a route through the middle of the Slopes will be too steep.

An alternative proposed to zig-zag up the slope will take up too much room and could damage the character of the area – which is a Local Nature Reserve – they said.

There are also fears that some cyclists will speed along any new, wider paths, causing a danger to adults, children and dogs. 

The arguments mirror the objections to the Quietway from people living near Victoria Park – where the council was forced to withdraw its cycleway plans after overwhelming opposition.

NSI chair Bob Franks said the group would prefer that Northern Slopes is made a destination, not a through route, for cyclists. He queried the need for the Quietway to pass through the Slopes at all – the NSI has suggested a route long Glyn Vale.

“We are not against cyclists,” Mr Franks told the Voice – again echoing the arguments used at Victoria Park. “If the Slopes was a destination it would be a different matter. We are against  using it as a through route.”

The council told the Voice that there are “no fixed plans” for the Quietway route through Northern Slopes. “Another meeting will take place soon with community groups to further discuss proposals for the route,” said a spokesperson.

• Another cycle lane – a separate plan from the Filwood Quietway – has been altered after pressure from residents in Knowle Park. Cllr Gary Hopkins said a cycle lane proposed along Airport Road to the junction of Wells Road was ”really dangerous” because it was right alongside homes on Airport Road and likely to cause problems for pedestrians and cars emerging from driveways.

He expects the plan to be revised, with the cycles segregated from the pavement.

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