Views of South Bristol kick off mayor's City Hall gallery

Published on: 24 Nov 2017

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Totterdown Together by Jane Vellender

Pictured: 'Totterdown Together', painted after Storm Doris by Jane Vellender

Arts in the park 2016

Arts in Redcatch Park by Rachel Heaton

Top, Mayor Marvin Rees and Cllr Jon Wellington with Jane Vellender and Rachel Heaton VIEWS OF South Bristol are leading the way in an initiative by mayor Marvin Rees to use City Hall as a showcase for Bristol’s artistic talents. Knowle artist Jane Vellender has contributed a large and eye-catching diorama of Totterdown’s distinctive coloured terraces, seen from Victoria Park. She painted it on the day last February when Storm Doris churned up the skies in a peculiar light, and to make the point Jane inserted a collage of a newspaper headline about the storm, blended to look like a cloud – a detail which delighted Mr Rees. An equally recognisable scene was painted by the Rachel Heaton, who captured the excitement of the popular Art in the Park event in Redcatch park, Knowle, in August 2016. Also present was the artwork which started the idea – a colourful collection of handprints from the Knowle West Fest, designed to show that the community was taking a stand against racism. Mr Rees was at the event and contributed a handprint, then asked the organisers if he could put the picture on the wall of his office. “Then I thought, why just have it in my office?” he told the Voice. “Why not have a piece of art from every ward in the city?” The result is that some of the bare walls in City Hall are set to be brightened up by pictures not only from established artists, but from schools and community groups.

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