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South Bristol Voice What's On Guide

Tell us about an event

Please read the following notice before submitting an event to South Bristol Voice - At South Bristol Voice we are committed to keeping visitors up-to-date with all the events and activities going on in South Bristol and the surrounding area. We do have some guidelines we would like you to follow regarding the kind of events and activities we will display on the calendar.

The kind of events we do want

We are happy to display the following types of events or activities;

  • Community events
  • Public meetings and consultations
  • Charity events
  • School events
  • One-off activities (for example those aimed at kids during the school holidays)
  • Exhibitions and cultural events
  • Gigs and concerts
  • Club events

The kind of events we don't want

We are sorry but we will are not able display the following types of events or activities;

  • Business events (such as sales or discount events)
  • Weekly activities (such as classes or club meetings)
  • Private events (such as birthdays or weddings)

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