Wicked Witch

In witch there is always a bright side

Dec 06 2016

Thumbnail ImageOUR first family pets were goldfish. All named after the Nintendo Mario Karts characters. They swam in a comfortably large tank with loads of fresh weed and were largely ignored until the odd time when we could not actually see the little darlings and were forced to change the water. ... Read More

In Witch I feel Arty: the Witch gets ready for Totterdown's art trail

Nov 18 2016

Thumbnail ImageThis Witch likes to paint and I like to think that over time I am getting better. With this in mind I decided to swap one of my very old pictures that adorns my parents toilet wall (where my art ends up) for one of my fabulous new works of art. I had a cunning plan, I was not going to tell them. A new painting. Much better than the old one. Nice surprise. How wrong I was. They nearly divorced! ... Read More

The Wicked Witch of Knowle casts a spell on the poop-ignorers

Nov 10 2016

The Wicked Witch of Knowle casts a spell on the poop-ignorers... Read More