Windmill Hill

Homes allowed on St John's Lane car plot

Sep 29 2017

Thumbnail ImageTHE OLD car sales site on St John’s Lane will be rebuilt as nine three-storey houses – three with four bedrooms and five with three bedrooms, planners have decided. ... Read More

New plans to expand Windmill Hill City Farm

Dec 30 2016

Thumbnail ImageTHE MANY fans of Windmill Hill City Farm will find more to enjoy after a new round of improvements during 2017.... Read More

Report crime or we can't help: police

May 27 2016

RESIDENTS must report crimes if they want the police to do anything about them, Windmill Hill neighbourhood forum has been told. A spate of car break-ins and vandalism in Cotswold Road, Windmill Hill is known to police but several of the crimes may not have been reported, PC Sue Coates told the meeting on May 11. ... Read More

Windmill Hill City Farm celebrates 40 years

Feb 26 2016

Thumbnail ImageWindmill Hill City Farm celebrates 40 years... Read More

Windmill Hill's one-way plan

Jan 08 2016

Thumbnail ImagePLANS to prevent rat-running by commuters through Windmill Hill’s narrow streets have been unveiled – though not all residents are happy.... Read More

Eat local, says City Farm

Sep 03 2015

AN UNUSUAL drive to persuade consumers in the city that they can eat locally-produced food takes place next month at Windmill Hill City Farm. ... Read More