Opening up South Bristol's windows to the world

Published on: 02 Feb 2018

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Pictured: A Southville house looks like it's been decorated by the abstract artist Mondrian

SOUTH Bristol will be lit up as never before on the weekend of February 23-25 in the biggest- ever Window Wanderland event.

Hundreds of residents are already busy designing weird, beautiful and humourous displays, and thousands are expected to be seeking out the best windows over the weekend.

For the first time, homes in Arnos Vale will be taking part, joining hundreds more across Windmill Hill, Southville, Bedminster and Ashton.

If you fancy taking part, in Arnos Vale or elsewhere, visit the website (below), find your area and click ‘take part’ to add your location.

As the Voice went to press 34 locations had signed up in Arnos Vale – the area also includes Sandy Park and St Anne’s.

In BS3, where the event is in its third year, there will be hundreds of participants. 

In some roads there is already intense competition to make the most eye-catching windows. Gathorne Road in Southville is becoming famous for its many ambitious displays – last year featuring children’s stories, from Harry Potter to Dr Suess.

Leaflets will be delivered to 7,000 homes across BS3 inviting more people to take part. 

A free map, sponsored by Bristol Waste, will be published showing the main areas to visit.

Some of Bedminster’s tower blocks will be lit up. As last year, Gaywood House off North Street will be lit up from top to bottom as Jack and the Beanstalk. It’s a tribute to resident Marcus Fitzgibbons, who designed the display and whose enthusiasm for the project was captured on BBC’s The One Show. Sadly, Marcus passed away in April.

On the same weekend 12 other areas are taking part, from Bishopston to Portishead to Frome, and for the first time in Scotland and even in Canada. 

Lucy Reeves-Khan, the Bishopston resident who started the idea just four years ago, is overwhelmed by the success.

“From Mary Poppins, bicycles going to the moon and the Queen on holiday in her caravan, the range of ideas is mind-blowing in BS3”, says Lucy. “It’s a real testament to just how amazingly creative everyone can be.”


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