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The Bedminster edtion will be published on Tuesday August 28.

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August 24 2018 Thumbnail Image

Hotel, homes and housing are a better bet for city centre site, says report – and it's backed by the Chamber of Commerce

IN A MOVE that will surprise few who have been following the saga, the council has announced that September 4's vital cabinet meeting will be recommended not to authorise an arena next to Temple Meads station. .. Read More

August 24 2018 Thumbnail Image

The summer's not quite over, so let's remember the birthday celebrations at Upfest and the Balloon Fiesta

Bad weather failed to prevent the crowds turning out for the 10th Upfest street art festival and the 40th International Balloon Fiesta.. Read More

August 24 2018 Thumbnail Image

Parents urged to get children vaccinated as measles cases soar in Bristol

Public health boss tells parents to ask their GP if they're not sure whether their chid is up to date with vaccinations.. Read More

August 24 2018 Thumbnail Image

Exam joy is heightened for Bedminster boy who pulled put of a coma

Alex is one of many South Bristol pupils to achieve the top Grade 9 in this year's tougher GCSEs.. Read More