£3,750 grant to help 'launch' BS3 art project

April 29 2021
£3,750 grant to help 'launch' BS3 art project

An organisation which delivers pre-school classes and community projects has received funding from Bristol City Council for an exciting community art project - the ‘BS3 Space Trail’.

The project, run by Launchpad, aims to encourage members of the community to celebrate the green spaces in BS3 and promote walking, cycling and scootering between them. 

With the help of local residents, businesses and schools, organisers will 'transform BS3 into a lively and inviting art gallery that will inspire residents to explore the locality and BS3's green spaces.'

The project will include a variety of activities, including:

  • Spraying stencils, provided by local graffiti artist Stewy Stencils, along the paths showing the routes that will link Dame Emily Park, Greville Smyth Park and South Street Park.  The routes will also take in other smaller, less well known green spaces.  These routes will become the 'BS3 Space Trail'.  This name carries a double meaning as it refers to the green spaces of BS3 and the project's 'outer space' theme.
  • Two park benches being given a complete makeover by the talented artist, Emotional Waterfall.  One bench is located in Greville Smyth Park and the other in Dame Emily.
  • Distribution of free craft packs to members of the community.  The free packs will be available to order via Launchpad's online shop: payhip.com/launchpadclasses
  • Distribution of wooden stars.  These will be decorated by members of the community and hung in the green spaces within BS3.  

From May 29 to June 5 organisers will host a launch event encouraging BS3 to decorate their windows, gardens and shop fronts with space themed art which can be enjoyed by everyone taking part in the ‘space trail’ using an online map.

Emma Lunt from Launchpad said: “We’re also working alongside other local businesses, organisations and schools. These include BS3 Community, Let’s Walk Bedminster and BS3 Wildlife Group. We’re really grateful to Bristol City Council for the funding (£3,750) for the BS3 Space Trail.  Nearly everyone involved in creating this project lives in the BS3 area, so the event will benefit so many people in the area."   

You can find more information at bs3community.org.uk/event/bs3-space-trail or on Facebook and Instagram by searching @bs3spacetrail or email info@launchpadclasses.co.uk.

Share your pictures of the space themed artwork using #bs3spacetrail

Pictured, Emma Lunt and Adele Lippiatt from Launchpad with, centre, local artist ‘Emotional Waterfall’. The stencil/logo was designed by Susan Taylor Design and local street artist Stewy. Photo (c) @distro_media