A cat among the pigeons

July 26 2019
A cat among the pigeons

When a Windmill Hill resident’s rescue cat went missing, she couldn’t help but fear the worst.

Samantha Jenkins had adopted Oscar while volunteering at a refugee camp in Greece - he was a stray and she took him under her wing.

She brought him home to Bristol over a month ago but when he didn’t return home one evening after being let out, concern started to set in.

Samantha put out a desperate plea on social media to find her black and white cat who had been missing for two nights.

It wasn’t until Samantha was walking through St John’s burial ground, off St John’s Lane, with her dog - also rescued and brought home from Greece - that she heard a familiar noise.

Nestled in a bird’s nest, high up in the branches of a tree was Oscar.

Oscar the cat with Casey the dog - both rescued in Greece
Oscar the cat with Casey the dog - both rescued and brought home from Greece

After an urgent call for help on the Windmill Hill and Victoria Park Facebook group, Bedminster tree surgeon, Ali Milree, came to the rescue.

An hour later, after carefully manoeuvring between branches, Ali managed to bring Oscar back to safety - much to the relief of his owner, friends and onlookers gathered in the park.

Speaking to the South Bristol Voice, Samantha said: “It was such a huge relief when I found that he was alive. He’s my best buddy and the best cat in the world.

“I am so happy that he is home and safe.”

She says it is not the first time this has happened and she once had to rescue Oscar from a tree in Greece.

It was the first time that Ali, who has been working as a self-employed tree suregeon for three years, has been called on to rescue a cat.

He was just on his way home from work when he received the desperate call from Samantha.

He said: “All tree surgeons get a call out at some point - I know a few guys who have rescued cats from trees.”

Photo, above: Oscar being caught in a blanket after tree surgeon Ali dropped him to safety from the branch above