Anxiety as Knowle shopping centre is sold

July 01 2021
Anxiety as Knowle shopping centre is sold

A local campaigner has expressed trepidation and disappointment as Broadwalk Shopping Centre has been been purchased by another development company.

By Lindsey Cole

The £100 million redevelopment plan, put forward by original developers Pelican, was given the green light in March 2019, but residents have been told the building has now been sold to investment and development company, Melburg.

Laura Chapman, a Knowle resident and campaigner, said: “We’ve spent all this time understanding what was going on and now we’re dealing with a different set of circumstances and have to start from scratch.”

Laura lives in Ryde Road, next to Broadwalk, and was opposed to the original twelve-storey high flats proposal, as she said it would cast huge shadows on her street. She also feared the local amenities would not be able to cope with the 420 new flats.

At a community meeting in 2019 to discuss the proposals, Laura said that Pelican reassured residents that they would see the development project through to the end.

Speaking to the South Bristol Voice, a spokesperson for Pelican said that the firm hoped to be involved all the way through, but did not guarantee it and that they could not foresee what could happen.

According to councillors Gary Hopkins and Chris Davies in their column this month, Melburg has retained the design team who were involved in the original plans, but said "there are bound to be some changes" [see page 14].

A spokesperson for Melburg said: “We are delighted to have recently acquired Broadwalk Shopping Centre.

“We are currently putting together the design team, and look forward to working with Bristol City Council, ward councillors and the local community to bring the project forward as soon as possible.”

Laura says it is her hope that now there is a new team, they can all sit around a table and discuss what is best for the community.