South Bristol family honours key workers while raising money for charity

May 02 2020
South Bristol family honours key workers while raising money for charitygeraghty family

The Geraghty children have completed a sponsored cycle to honour pharmaceutical delivery driver dad, donating all proceeds to Cots for Tots

By Charley Rogers

Lauren (16), Charlotte (14), Jack (11) and Harry (9) have joined forces to honour their dad and raise money for a local charity. 

Anthony Geraghty, dad to Lauren, Charlotte, Jack and Harry, and husband to Claire, is a pharmaceutical delivery driver from Knowle and travels approximately 222 miles every day to deliver medicine and other supplies to chemists, GP surgeries, army camps and hospitals across the South West.


To show their appreciation for the essential work their dad and his colleagues are doing, and to celebrate Anthony’s birthday on 21 April, the Geraghty children came up with Riding his Route, a cycling challenge that would see them cycle the 222 miles their dad drives every day, in a single week, from 27 April to 1 May.


Of course, because of lockdown, the cycling had to take place indoors, so the children set up an exercise bike in their front room, and split the miles between them, figuring out that a total of 44.4 miles would have to be covered each day.


Mum, Claire, said: “They’ve had each other’s backs through the whole thing, I haven’t had to get involved at all. If one of them is starting to struggle with the cycling, someone else will notice and take over. They’ve been brilliant.”


Charlotte Geraghty is also a keen fundraiser, having seen posters for the charity Cots for Tots when she was visiting her newborn brother Harry in hospital when she was only five years old.


Charlotte herself had hearing problems while she was young, and was functionally deaf for her first year of school. A school project following the story of the runaway Gingerbread Man, involving asking family to send postcards from where they lived, really made Charlotte engage with school, and so the family continued the pledge for postcards throughout the summer holidays. A self-starter from this early age, Charlotte asked her parents if she could charge people to guess how many postcards she would receive, and donate the money to charity. She chose Cots for Tots, and has been steadily fundraising for them for the last nine years.


It was no surprise, then, when the cycle challenge turned into the family’s latest fundraising endeavor.


So far, the children have raised over £400 for Cots for Tots during this challenge, adding to Charlotte’s ongoing figure, which is now over £12,000. Charlotte has been maintaining a JustGiving page throughout her decade of fundraising, naming it the Gingerbread Challenge after the story that inspired her. However, the family is still keen to raise more.


Lauren said: “Babies are still being born throughout the pandemic, many of them will still need this help, and the efforts of Cots for Tots can provide that help.”


Charlotte’s JustGiving page is still active, and open for donations from anyone that would like to support Cots for Tots. Visit for more info, or to donate.