Calls to reinstate toilet in popular park

July 01 2021
Calls to reinstate toilet in popular park

A report that surveyed BS3 residents found that reinstating the toilet block in Greville Smyth Park should be a primary concern.

By Lindsey Cole

Nine in ten of the 253 people surveyed as part of a Greville Smyth Park study - carried out by independent research organisation rateBS3 - want the public toilets to be refurbished and opened.

The same study also gathered local views about the dance festival which has now been approved and set to go ahead in July.

In the report, a resident said that they love the park and feel very lucky to have it, but, “GET THE TOILETS OPEN! It’s disgusting the park doesn’t have these facilities. It’s inhumane.”

One resident commented that the number of people who use the bushes as a toilet is ‘ridiculous’ as there is no alternative.

The rateBS3 report found that residents were in favour of finding a self-sustaining financial solution that restores and maintains the toilets.

They said it could be used as a model for other parks in Bristol. 53% of the residents supported the idea of turning the toilet block into a tea/coffee outlet with toilets on the side.

“The park is so popular, it deserves a permanent café area, and would surely be sustainable with enough visitors,” one resident said.

Another person surveyed said: “We could have a fun day to raise funds for the park. The toilets need to be open for park users.”

The report also found that the residents would like to see the area under the flyover improved. Many residents suggested wild flowers, trees and bug hotels could turn a "forgotten" area into an asset. The report said bringing skatepark users into the conversation is important. “Any ideas should come from the skatepark users. Make them feel included and central to the area they spend time in,” a resident said.

Matt Gibbs, who voluntarily set up the independent research initiative, rateBS3, to represent the community, said: “I’d like to try to get people together who want to work towards raising the funds and getting permission required to achieve those goals.”

A Bristol City Council spokesperson said: “The successful Community Toilet Scheme has been in place since December 2017 and enables citizens to access facilities run by businesses and organisations.

“Now that COVID-19 restrictions are easing, many facilities are available again for the public to use. Therefore, there are currently no plans to review re-opening toilets in any of the parks that do not have such facilities.’’