Casper, a new gallery for North Street

October 27 2017
Casper, a new gallery for North Street

Casper, a new gallery for North Street

Casper Gallery

A GALLERY and art shop has opened on North Street has opened with the emphasis on local artists and designers. 

Casper has opened its doors in the former premises of Barber Browns hairdressers in what some will say as a sign of the further gentrification of North Street. Others will say it’s part of a gradual change in several of South Bristol’s commercial areas as more people move in and demand increases for locally-focused businesses.

Owner Helen Owen has a background in helping young people into their ideal careers, with the charity the Prince’s Trust and with schools.

Last year she moved to South Bristol from the other side of the city in Montpelier and decided it was time she created her own career move.

“It’s something I have wanted to do for ages,” she said. “When we moved I was at a crossroads and I thought, now or never.”

The result is a bright and uncluttered shop at the front of the premises with a small gallery behind.

It’s full of prints, paintings, children’s T-shirts and art mugs and cards, most of them by local artists.

One of them is Helen’s husband Josh, who by day is a teacher and by night summons energy for a series of intricate drawings, including greetings cards for each letter of the alphabet.

The gallery currently includes a series called Sweet Temptations by Nate Sanger-Davies of giant ink prints of children’s sweets, screen-rusted enamels by Sophie Willoughby and unsettling collage threaded photos spliced together by Jamie Rawlings.

Front of house is the couple’s dog Winston, who draws many customers in. He’s a rescue dog from Cyprus and hasn’t got many English commands, but he did manage a “Sit” for the Voice.