Circus Zambia wows local primary kids

September 27 2019
Circus Zambia wows local primary kids

Knowle Park Primary children raised over £2,000 to help pay for a minibus for Circus Zambia - and two of its performers were presented with the money when they took time out of their UK tour to visit the school.

Circus Zambia is led by Gift Chansa, who told pupils about his life as a “street child” in Lusaka, and his amazing progress to found the circus of acrobats, jugglers, and musicians. They now help to rescue other children from the streets in Zambia by enthusing them with performance and then getting them into education and on a path to a safer life.

Teachers at Knowle Park, led by Nicola Chaplin, have been in communication with Gift and his colleagues who have sent videos of their work and performances to the school. When they visited, the children were thrilled by the acrobatic skills of Gift and Bernard (pictured), and some pupils who had never attempted performance skills in the past were inspired to try them out.

The minibus will be used by Circus Zambia to visit parts of the country which are normally inaccessible, and also to take children to new experiences.

Nicola Chaplin said: “It was a magical moment seeing Gift and Bernard arrive in the playground, they certainly have celebrity status in our school. It was wonderful to see the children respond to their enthusiasm and talents, it was one of the highlights of my career.”

Contact with Circus Zambia will continue with a linked reading project, between Year 5 children here and children in Lusaka.

Headteacher Helen Bailey said: “This is a unique experience for us and one where we can learn much from Gift and his colleagues.

“It would be wonderful to think we could visit them one day in Lusaka.”