Come and refill your bottles at Bloop

October 24 2019
Come and refill your bottles at Bloop

Being able to reduce our plastic consumption in Totterdown has become that little bit easier, thanks to a new refill shop which has just opened in the area.

Photo: Owners Jayne and Karl with Graham, the Jack Russell at Bloop, Oxford Street

Residents can take their empty bottles to Bloop, in Oxford Street, to top up on beauty and home cleaning products, and also peruse the many other eco-friendly goods for sale.

Bloop, which opened its doors on October 4 in place of a former bakery, is owned by husband and wife team Jayne Rutland and Karl Sadler. When visiting the shop, you will also be greeted by Graham – Jayne and Karl’s Jack Russell.

Bloop has been a welcomed addition to the square in Totterdown – the couple say that they have already had a “really positive response” from local shoppers since opening.

Jayne and Karl took over the premises when they moved to Bristol in June.

Since taking over the building, Jayne – an experienced hairdresser – has been creating products for her vegan haircare business ‘Hairy Jayne’ from the former bakery’s kitchen, while Karl has been producing music, as well as commercial sounds for toy manufacturers in the basement.

Hence ‘Bloop’ – the name mimicked the sounds made by the liquids created by Jayne in the kitchen and the noises created by Karl in his music studio.

The pair decided to open up the shop front to offer customers refills and to support other eco businesses in the area.

Jayne’s natural products, which she has been making since 2011, can be bought in the shop, alongside a whole range of other low impact beauty items – some made by local producers. Household products are stocked from ethical, cruelty free companies and there is a station for customers to create their own cleaning products, which are free from toxins and suitable to shoppers with allergies.

Jayne, who gave up hairdressing over a year ago to dedicate her time to Hairy Jayne, said: “We’ve had a really positive so far. Our first day, we had people bringing in their bottles and we’ve had lots of people saying that they will come back with their containers.”

She added: “It’s great because there’s already a veg store and a bakery – people can now come up here and shop plastic free.”

The shop will be featuring on the Front Room art trail, November 15-17.

Bloop can be found at 123 Oxford Street.