Completion of mural will mark reopening of shops

April 03 2021
Completion of mural will mark reopening of shops

North Street is set to be home to the UK's - and possibly the world's - largest permanent mural project designed and painted by female street artists.

Dubbed the 'Six Sisters', the project, which began in 2016, is expected to be finished this month (April) to mark the anticipated reopening of North Street's shops and salons.

The plan to complete the mural was unveiled by Upfest and the Bedminster Business Improvement District (BID) team on March 8, International Women's Day.

Currently, neighbouring shops Like Sew Amazing, Zara's Chocolates, Upfest and South West Upholstery feature four stunning murals by female artists Bex Glover, Zoe Power, Gemma Compton and Sophie Long.

Now this spring, the row will be completed with two huge new murals above Oowee Diner and Peter Borrows & Co Solicitors by esteemed Bristol artists Lucas Antics and Ejit.

Its title 'Six Sisters' is inspired by San Francisco's famed Painted Ladies - a terrace of colourful Victorian and Edwardian houses which have been drawing attention since the 60s.

Simon Dicken, chair of the Bedminster BID said: “Bedminster is world renowned for its street art [and] we’re lucky to have some of the biggest and best artists and artwork right here on our doorstep.

“It seems fitting to celebrate the reopening of our high streets with the completion of this series, which will have been five years in the making.”

Known for their quirky illustrations inspired by American animation and Japanese character design, Ejits’s work brightens up any wall with cute and brightly coloured space animals, zombies and ghosts.

Lucas Antics’ work can be found peppered throughout Stokes Croft, Montpelier and Bedminster and is distinctly recognisable by its ode to graphic novels and brightly coloured whimsical designs.

Stephen Hayles, founder of Upfest and lead on the Six Sisters series said: “This will be the largest series of permanent street art by female artists in the UK, maybe even the world and this just goes to show how lucky we are in Bristol to have these incredible artists and to have a scene that supports female artists.”

At the time of printing, painting was due to commence to complete the mural.

Photo: Artist Ejit outside the row of shops where the Six Sisters is being completed to mark the reopening of North Street's shop