Decision to block billboard appealed

May 31 2019
Decision to block billboard appealed

A decision to refuse a digital advertising screen in Bedminster has been appealed by the applicants.

Maxx Media Ltd’s application to replace the existing 6-metre wide screen in Sheene Road with an LED digital smart screen was met with almost 60 objections and refused on the grounds that it would have a ‘detrimental impact on visual amenity’.

A petition, attracting over 1,500 signatures, was also launched by Adblock Bristol and called for the council to automatically reject any applications for new billboards as part of its Local Plan. 

However, an appeal was lodged by ECE Planning, on behalf of the media company, who say that the visual amenity of the area would be improved and enhanced by replacing the existing ‘tired’ display, which is opposite a Lidl supermarket.

A resident who lives near the Sheen Road site, Barney Smith, said: “Bristol council planners have recognised that these advertising hoardings are both a safety hazard to road users as well as being giant eyesores in the city landscape.

“Being brightly lit they can be seen from miles around at night. Just because they make money for big business doesn’t stop them from being giant bits of unwelcome litter.”

The appeal, submitted on May 17, has now been validated by the planning inspectorate. It is not yet known when a decision will be made. 

Image from Google Maps