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January 19 2017

Come ride with me at South Bristol's brilliant cycle centre

T’S NO secret that if more of us took to two wheels instead of four, not only would we start to feel a bit healthier, but Bristol’s famously congested roads might become a bit easier to use. There are lots of reasons why people don’t choose a bicycle to get around. Lack of confidence; not feeling fit enough; not knowing how to fix it; not having ridden for decades – the list is endless. But at the Bristol Family Cycling Centre in Hengrove, they have an answer to every one – and some reasons you never thought of in the first place. .. Read More

November 25 2016

I'm dreaming of a green Christmas

Whether you are an extremist who knits your own stockings from that organic sheep you keep in your garden, or you prefer to toss your conscience out of your frost-glazed, bulb-festooned window in December, here are some ideas for guilt-free festivities from Alex Morss.. Read More

October 28 2016 Bedminster embroiderers create a map to fill a gap

Bedminster embroiderers create a map to fill a gap

HISTORIC Ashton Gatehouse is now back on the map thanks to the creative mind of all-round artist Vicky Harrison... Read More

May 27 2016

Voice Concorde winners get a tour of the Blue Glass secrets

DELIGHTED winners of the South Bristol Voice competition to win a special Bristol Blue Concorde commemorative penny were treated to a demonstration of glassblowing at the Bristol Blue works in Arnos Vale. .. Read More

January 29 2016 Knowle shows the way back to Square Food

Knowle shows the way back to Square Food

WHEN did Britain forget how to cook? Was it the introduction of ready meals, the popularity of the microwave, or the spread of fast food shops? More importantly, what can be done about it? It’s well known that the decline in home cooking is contributing to a rise in obesity, to children becoming more unhealthy and more at risk of diabetes, and to a lack of knowledge about what’s healthy to eat. .. Read More

November 07 2015 Totterdown's reluctant hero

Harry Wood, VC, survived the war but not the peace

Harry Wood must have been a remarkable soldier. He lived through years of hell on the battlefield and near the end of the conflict he was awarded not only the Victoria Cross – the highest decoration for gallantry – but the Military Medal too. .. Read More

September 26 2015

Retired? Try U3A

ARE YOU retired and wondering what to do next? Don’t stay at home – there are scores of activities on your doorstep, says Bristol U3A... Read More

May 25 2015 Reprieved – after killing a policeman

Reprieved – after killing a policeman

THERE are many moving tales behind the gravestones in Arnos Vale Cemetery. But few are more shocking than the story of the too-brief life of PC Richard Hill. .. Read More