South Bristol community group with big ideas seeks new director to win backing from business

November 24 2018
Community group with big ideas seeks new director

A South Bristol youth and community group with big ambitions is looking for a new director with business contacts to help it grow.

 Games in the Gardens, Stockwood summer activities

Pictured: Summer fun with young people in Bifield Gardens, Stockwood

A SOUTH Bristol youth and community group with big ambitions is looking for a new director with business contacts to help it grow.

Grassroot Communities has already run a summer of youth activities in Ashton Vale and is planning projects with young people in Stockwood to reduce anti-social behaviour.

Future plans including helping dads in Hartcliffe connect better with their families with an ambitious bushcraft programme that will end with the families making a mini-survival expedition to the countryside.

Organiser Ben Carpenter described a social action project where a group of young people from Knowle West worked with adults with dementia from a residential home to deliver a Food Fun Day event. 

“The young people researched what foods help slow memory loss, such as smoothies including fresh turmeric and ginger, and what sensory experiences evoked distant memories in people suffering from dementia. The real gold in this project was the conversations between young and old and the smiles from ear to ear,” said Ben.

The charity is seeking a new director with links to the business world to help is expand its activities across Bristol. Funding is needed for projects such as Fa pilot Community Champions project with a year 10 and 11 group at Ashton Park school.

“The right candidate has to be passionate about youth, community, nature and Bristol,” said Ben. He can be contacted at

The group has lots of ideas – one example is called Growing Streets Together, which started in the summer in Silbury Road, Ashton Vale.

Ben said: “We have learnt a lot and it was a great success. The project engaged 100+ people of all ages from Ashton Vale over five weeks. We started off by door knocking Silbury Roadd with local young people from Ashton Vale Club for Young People, and then delivered three different activity sessions on Friday nights that culminated with a fourth, the Street Party. The activities involved team games, planning the street party, barbecues, creating hanging baskets to take home, building a wheelie bin sound system and much more. 

“These sessions got people talking of all ages and resulted in  the show-stopping street party involving the ideas of local people and 70 people from 5 to 75 years old attending. We had a bike doctor, street dance, live and interactive music performances via our wheelie bin, street art, food and plenty of fun and chat.

“Phase 1 of Growing Streets Together instigated discussion and opinions from local people. When funded, we aim for Phase 2 to work with a core group of around seven local people who showed an interest in planning a future event. We will support this group to plan and deliver another street party and provide any relevant training to ensure they are confident and equipped to do so again long in the future. We endeavour to link a local business with Silbury Road, who will provide volunteer support and sponsor the planning and delivery of the actual events. This will enable Growing Streets Together projects to become a main stay on any street in Bristol facing a range of challenges.

“Next steps are to secure funding for Phase 2 for 2019 and confirm a business/s to ensure the project is sustainable through sponsorship and volunteering.”