Totterdown musician Kelvin's hoping for a perfect Christmas hit

October 26 2018
Kelvin's hoping for a perfect Christmas hit

KELVIN Lynch of Totterdown is one person of pension age who isn’t letting his retirement drift by in inactivity – he’s started a recording career.

KELVIN Lynch is one person of pensionable age who isn’t letting his retirement drift by in inactivity – he’s started a recording career.

Kelvin, 67, who hails from Bath but lives in Totterdown, has a growing body of work online, both videos and music, but unlike most would-be stars he’s not singing cover versions – all the compositions are his own.

“I knew I would be kicking myself if I didn’t give music a try,” he said, explaining how after a career in the building industry and project management he felt it was time to find out if a lifetime of dreaming about a musical career could be turned into reality.

Kelvin is under no illusions that he’s going to be a big star – but he hopes that someone who is famous might one day want to record one of his songs.  And he has enjoyed some success on the airwaves. Around 30 radio stations across the world have played his songs.

He’s just heard that his Christmas tune, December Brings (Reverie) Christmas Time, is to be played on a special seasonal radio station –

One station, Antares in the Netherlands, played his song Shared Each Others’ Time for no less than 30 days in a row.

To be played alongside the biggest names in music was a real thrill: “They show you online the songs that are coming up, and to see the Beatles, and Led Zeppelin, and then there’s me, Kelvin!”

Kelvin didn’t want to be just another singer with an acoustic guitar: he has invested some savings in a professional producer, Pete Rowley, at Bristol’s Attic Attack studios, and has come up with some inventive and professional-looking videos.

One, Beautiful Game, was recorded in the summer of 2017  on the Downs with an all-age cast and celebrates football – without mentioning any club or country, so Kelvin hopes it will have wide appeal.

Another, Yeah, That’s Me, had a more modest location – Kelvin is filmed in bed, where he had to stay all day to complete the shoot. It’s a fun song, he says, but with a serious message about testicular cancer. It also got him a slot on Made In Bristol TV, who surprised Kelvin by filming Bristolians giving their own take on the song.

Kelvin says he is having the time of his life: he is always having new ideas and meeting new collaborators, such as the musician who contacted him after hearing him on Dutch radio and wants him to write lyrics for his score.

Another fan is a DJ called Crazy Daisy on a radio station called Tater Patch Radio in Virgina, who’s been playing his songs.

Despite this success, though, Kelvin is not ready to perform live: asked if he’s thought of auditioning for one of the TV talent shows, he thinks it’s a challenge too far at the moment. Which may surprise some readers when they see the confidence shown in some of his videos.

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