New venue and date for Upfest

November 22 2019
New venue and date for Upfest

Upfest is set to return for 2020 and the festival has a few changes up its sleeve.

Revellers can expect a new location for the festival, as Upfest prepares to take over Greville Smyth park, and also an earlier date.

Huge walls and murals, traditionally painted during the festival, will be created in the weeks leading up to Upfest and will be exhibited throughout the park during the weekend-long event (May 30-June 1).

Hundreds of artists will also paint live, and there will be music stages and food and drink stalls to enjoy. In addition, street art will be showcased at The Tobacco Factory - the festival's original venue.

It is Upfest's first ever green field festival and it is anticipated to be "bigger than ever". It is the first time Greville Smyth park has been used for a festival.

Photo: Greville Smyth Park, Google Maps