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September 03 2015 Arena consultation announced

Arena consultation announced

The long-awaited details of the arena public consultation process show there will be no special meetings in the communities likely to be affected by the development. .. Read More

May 25 2015 Residents' Parking June 2015

Totterdown set to get RPZ by the time arena opens

In an interview with South Bristol Voice, Mayor George Ferguson said he thought it was “reasonable” that Totterdown would need some sort of residents parking arrangement within a couple of years. .. Read More

May 25 2015 Dog poisoning June 2015

Dog poisoning June 2015

IT’S EVERY dog owner’s nightmare: your pet is happily sniffing around your local park when a scent catches his nose and before you can do anything, he’s wolfing down something smelly he found in the undergrowth... Read More