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November 07 2015 Parks maintenance under spotlight

Parks maintenance under spotlight

COMMUNITY groups which help look after South Bristol’s parks are hoping for better times in 2016 after a year of intermittent maintenance and erratic grass cutting. .. Read More

September 26 2015

Latest arena consultation

New meetings to discuss arena announced in Totterdown and Knowle.. Read More

September 26 2015

Parking, roads, cycle paths, pavements: residents' arena priorities

“LET’S get real”, George Ferguson told BBC Radio Bristol as the arena consultation began: “This is a much bigger story than parking, this is the most brilliant thing happening in Bristol for many, many years.” The Mayor has made his agenda clear: the council-owned arena is a much-needed attraction for Bristol which will put the city back on the entertainment map and create a new axis for the city centre, creating thousands of jobs... Read More

September 26 2015

Bristol's refugee response

SOUTH Bristol’s response to the refugee crisis in Europe has been overwhelming and humbling. As the appalling pictures of refugees fleeing for their lives on unsafe boats or walking desperately towards borders became more widespread, local people rose up and started asking what we could do to help. .. Read More

September 26 2015

Hundreds of species in Victoria Park

MORE than 400 species of plants and animals were found in Victoria Park during a unique ‘bioblitz’. With the help of Victoria Park Action Group, 900 people took part in the Bioblitz in July. .. Read More

September 03 2015 Mum calls for toy library

Mum calls for toy library

A SOUTH Bristol mum has started a campaign to see if there’s interest in setting up a toy library for the area. .. Read More

September 03 2015 Balloon fiesta best seen from South Bristol

Balloon fiesta best seen from South Bristol

WITH record crowds at Ashton Court, those South Bristolians who chose to stay at home to enjoy the mass ascents may feel they made the right choice. .. Read More

September 03 2015

Eat local, says City Farm

AN UNUSUAL drive to persuade consumers in the city that they can eat locally-produced food takes place next month at Windmill Hill City Farm. .. Read More

September 03 2015 Bedminster framework plan unveiled

Bedminster framework plan unveiled

THE FIRST phase of consultation ends during September for an ambitious, £100 million redevelopment of a large slice of Bedminster. .. Read More

September 03 2015 Arena consultation announced

Arena consultation announced

The long-awaited details of the arena public consultation process show there will be no special meetings in the communities likely to be affected by the development. .. Read More