North Street joins BBC hosts in crusade against plastic

June 28 2019
North Street joins BBC hosts  in crusade against plastic

Ditch single use plastic! This was the ‘feedback’ that local residents had for supermarkets when presenters of BBC One’s War on Plastic, Anita Rani and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, came to film on North Street last month.

The TV hosts were filming for the final sequence of the last episode of the three-part documentary series, which aired at the time of South Bristol Voice going to print on Monday, June 24.

The segment of the show, which is set to star dozens of local people and traders, coincides with the launch of the show’s ‘Our Plastic Feedback’ initiative which encourages people to feed their single use plastic back to the supermarkets.

People were filmed, with Anita and Hugh at the forefront, marching up North Street from the Tobacco Factory, wielding their pieces of plastic, inscribed with messages to the supermarkets.

Anita and Hugh’s message to the cameras was clear: “It’s time for a plastic revolution, it’s time for a real change. It’s time to show the supermarkets how we feel. Over the next seven days, let’s give them our plastic feedback.”

It has been widely reported that every year, thousands of tonnes of single use plastic waste are produced by supermarkets.

Also, around a third of the plastic purchased in the UK is from supermarkets.

Speaking to the South Bristol Voice, Anita said: “We wanted [to film on] a street that reflected an average British street with lots of shops and a nice community feel to it.

“Anyone can join ‘Our Plastic Feedback’. Supermarkets say ‘give us your feedback’ but does anybody really do it? So, we’re saying to people, take a piece of single use plastic that has come from your supermarket, write on it what you think they should be doing with plastic and give it back to them.”

Hugh told the South Bristol Voice: “It was a fantastic turnout and brilliant to see so many people out on the streets supporting ‘Our Plastic Feedback.”

Lidia Rueda Losada, one of the founders of the zero-waste shop, Zero Green in North Street, attended the filming. She said: “Supermarkets have the power to change people’s behaviours. If they are going to sell products in plastic, people will buy them.” 

Veronica Pollard, from Southville, said: “It’s just so bizarre that food has to be wrapped in plastic. I just wish supermarkets would stop using it.”

Bill Roberts, from Long Ashton, said: “Supermarkets need to stop and think, ‘what are we doing?’. I wish we could just do away with all plastic.”

In pictures: local residents and groups giving their plastic feedback

Ollie and Evie with mum Emma giving their plastic feedback

Local residents Bill Roberts, Veronica Pollard and Maureen Arnaiz
ready to give their plastic feedback to the supermarkets


Refill campaigners taking a stance against plastic 


Employees from Bristol Waste joine in the march