Plans unveiled for student tower blocks

January 15 2021
Plans unveiled for student tower blocks

Fresh plans have been submitted to build a series of student accommodation blocks in Bedminster, ranging from four to nine storeys.

Developer Sydney Freed (Holdings) is behind the application, which is the latest proposal as part of the larger Bedminster Green development.
The car-free scheme would see the transformation of the current brownfield site between Dalby Avenue and Whitehouse Lane - currently occupied by a car park, a car repair business and a car sales business - and would provide 837 students beds, plus 680 square metres of flexible workspace, across two buildings.There will also be "significant improvements" to the River Malago, plus new pedestrian and cycle route links to Clarke Street and Temple Meads.

Student Development How they would look from the entrance of Windmill hill city farm

While the Windmill Hill and Malago Community Planning Group (WHaM) has praised the latter, they say that the development will create an "oppressive wall" and will make the area "student heavy". Dianne James, WHaM secretary, said: "The developers consulted with the community during the development of these plans, but we feel disappointed that we weren’t really listened to."

"The end product has increased in density and massing to provide for even more students than we had expected or been allocated within the forthcoming local plan.
"We like the improvements to the river and the links to Clarke Street. The building heights adhere to the [Bedminster Green] framework maximum of 9 storeys and have been thoughtfully integrated with public space and planting. Unfortunately, when viewed from the nearby Windmill Hill City Farm or from Alfred Road, the buildings create an impermeable and rather oppressive wall of development".
"We had hoped that new development would draw people to the centre of Bedminster, instead some parts of the community are being walled off."
Max Freed of Sydney Freed (Holdings) said: “We have been on a long journey in terms of bringing forward these plans.
“We have deliberately taken our time with the application in order to engage with the community, stakeholders and council officers to design a high-quality scheme that responds to the aspirations of the framework, aligns with the proposed river restoration and infrastructure improvement and delivers much-needed accommodation for the student population of Bristol.
“The economic impact of the new student population can act as a catalyst to the exciting proposals regarding the regeneration of East Street. The scheme also provides new employment space on Whitehouse Lane.”