Resident calls for improvements to bus stop

August 26 2021
Resident calls for improvements to bus stop

A Knowle resident is frustrated that a bus stop and shelter in Broad Walk has still not been replaced.

By Lindsey Cole

Philip Saint, 74, of Broad Walk said: “It’s just a post with no detail at all. There’s no indication of what buses run. No timetable. No telling how to get anywhere. And no shelter to hide from the weather.”

Mr Saint, who relies on public transport to get around, has lived in the area all his life. He says the bus service does not work anymore.

The bus stop - which serves the 92 bus - was erected at the end of last year in place of the previous bus shelter some 200 yards away. 

“We used to be able to go out in the city. But now there’s no way from getting from one side of the Bristol to the other. Nothing runs to the centre from here anymore.

 “If we need to go to the Bristol Royal Infirmary hospital, we have to make connections, but how do we know what they are if there aren’t any details anywhere?”

This is an issue for Mr Saint and his wife, who suffers from arthritis, as the walk from the nearest bus stop to the BRI is too far to walk.

 “I called Bristol City Council to get a map and timetable. It has a bus service printed that doesn’t even stop.

“The Mayor wants people to drive less and use public transport more for the environment, but how can we if it doesn’t work?”

Having lived in Knowle and represented the area as a councillor, the West of England Combined Authority (WECA) Metro Mayor, Dan Norris, is aware transport challenges are not new for Bristol residents.

He said: “Reliable bus services have a big part to play if we are to reduce the number of car journeys and improve air quality.

 “The frequency of local bus services needs to increase to meet local need, and to do this I need the Government to provide significantly more funds to the West of England.

 “As the new West of England Metro Mayor I will press Government Ministers to ensure communities across our area get a fair share that will really make a difference to the quality of our important public transport.”

A spokesperson from First West of England said: “We will soon be reviewing the network of bus services in South Bristol with WECA, which has overall responsibility for the network, and rest assured this feedback will be included in that review.

“We are very keen to improve links to the BRI, however, we need to give careful consideration to the routes that services take in the city centre and also any impact on the reliability and punctuality of those services.

“Providing more direct bus services is something we are also keen to develop, especially from South Bristol where we recognise that some services take an arguably long-winded route."