‘Residents’ parking woes are being ignored’ - councillor

June 28 2019
‘Residents’ parking woes are being ignored’ - councillor

A Southville councillor has criticised the council for its delay in responding to residents’ despair over parking in the area.

The results of a survey, which indicated that 72 per cent of residents living in BS3 have parking issues most, or all of the time, were presented to the council in March.

However, a response to residents’ woes has still not been received. 

Cllr Stephen Clarke says that the council needs to act urgently as “people’s lives are being impacted” by match day parking and displaced parking, as a result of Southville’s existing parking scheme, which operates north of North Street.

More than 1,200 shared their views as part of the survey, carried out between November 7, 2018 and February 1, 2019 by market researcher Matt Gibbs of rateBS3 – a local independent research organisation.

Match day parking is particularly problematic for residents, with 70 per cent saying that it is an issue.

Several people surveyed also said that parking is so bad that they are selling their home or considering moving out of the area.

Overall, 56 per cent of residents would support a parking scheme, with 82 per cent calling for the scheme in some parts of Ashton.

Cllr Clarke said: “There is still no response from the Labour administration about the increasingly desperate pleas from residents at the edges of the Southville parking scheme for help with their situation around parking and road safety.

“It’s not acceptable that 82% of residents in the area south of North St said they desperately needed a parking scheme to protect them from overflow from the Southville scheme but they are being ignored.

“We do not understand this delay; it is clear that something needs to be done urgently as people’s lives are being impacted.”

A Bristol City Council Spokesperson said: “We are continuing to consider the findings of the study conducted on behalf of ward members, while working on consultation ideas with which to gauge the depth of support for action on parking and road safety issues in south Bristol.”