September Letter Page

September 03 2015

September Letter Page

Library cut has
just been moved

CAMPAIGNERS will be delighted to have ‘saved’ local libraries at Marksbury Road and Wick Road. Many people will have claimed credit for this, ranging from the campaigners themselves to politicians of all hues. And, indeed, in the case of the campaigners they have certainly done their bit.

However, it needs to be pointed out that we have not got rid of the cut. It has simply moved elsewhere. 

Labour and Conservative councillors on Bristol City Council voted through £83 million of cuts to its three-
year budget in February 2014. This including cutting £1.1m from the library service, which is the origin of the need for change. 

Of course, the real reason for the cuts is the government austerity programme. So, having saved the libraries, which the Green Party supports as a vital public service, someone else will face the cut. Someone else will lose their livelihood. Someone else will lose their service.

Cllr Charlie Bolton and Cllr Deb Joffe, Green Party cllrs for Southville ward and Windmill Hill ward


Not keen on Southville RPZ

WHAT bothers a lot of people in Southville is the residents parking that’s recently been approved. 

I heard a stat that 90-plus per cent objected in the consultation but it’s still going ahead. Wasn’t so much of a consultation then! 

I know there are some supporters but certainly on my road this will actually make the parking problems (in the evening, too many residents cars) worse as there are ridiculous lengths of double yellow lines round each corner. 

I’ll be furious if I see the same signs on the parking meters on North Street as I’ve seen elsewhere in the city:  “20 mins free parking helping local businesses”... there is an hour’s free parking at the moment!

KB, Facebook


• I live two streets away from North Street, sadly on the side of North Street the doesn’t seem to require RPZ! 

Is there any logical explanation how a street like North Street was split in two? One side gets included in the scheme and the other side doesn’t? Won’t anyone who doesn’t want to pay for parking simply cross the road and park?

SH, Facebook

Rich-poor rift is getting worse

I have been wondering about the increase in people jumping over walls and stealing bikes... is it linked to increased poverty in Bristol? Is it linked to benefit cuts? I’m not condoning in the least or saying stealing is ever all right (with exception of feeding a starving family). 

I think it would is good food for thought though and will inform our politics and hopefully spur us into action before the rich-poor divide gets even worse.

JP, Facebook


Briefly ...

We asked what was bothering you in South Bristol and these were some of the responses: 

• WHAT about the number of cars that appear to be being damaged lately? Seems every week I see postings about cars being damaged in the area.

MJ, Facebook


• PEOPLE parking over hashed areas by pedestrian crossings and Tesco lorries (West Street in particular) obstructing the roads.

TR, Facebook


• Windmill Hill commuter rat run – I’ve also asked the council (in vain) to repaint the white lines at the Cotswold Road end of Dunkerry Road. There will be a serious accident one day as cars speed round the corner without stopping, and there is no give way sign either.

SL, Facebook


• HOW about all the great things about living in South Bristol? Loads of amazing shops and restaurants ... awesome street art. So close to town ... love being so close to town ... and North Street. Great neighbours and community spirit.

JP, Facebook


• Speeding speeding speeding.

FC, Facebook


• News on the 20mph limit [which is the subject of a petition to the council] due to the amount of people wanting it dropped (of which I am one; I’m all for it near a school, hospital etc).

Now Bristol is the slowest city in the UK, surely Bristol people should know we have the chance to maybe get us moving again and stop wasting the stupid amount of money we have so far – this is needed in other areas more like a new park for Broomhill, keeping libraries open, and more care for the elderly or ones that need it.

NL, Facebook


• scrambler bikes on the Bommie, which are awful on any sunny day.

SS, Facebook