Sneezing lady blows into Vale St, Totterdown

December 10 2020
Sneezing lady 'Banksy' blows into Vale St, Totterdown

Local artist '100% sure' it's genuine

by Ruth Drury

Residents of Vale Street, Totterdown were greeted by more than a frosty view this morning – they’ve got a possible Banksy mural on their doorstep.

The mural, a very seasonal design, depicts an elderly woman sneezing, as her false teeth fly out.

Jody Thomas, local graffiti artist and creator of the Greta Thunberg Mural at the tobacco factory said: "I’d say it is Banksy. It has all of the hallmarks of his style. Until he posts it on his account we won’t know for sure but I’m 100% certain."

Vale Street has already received fame due to being the steepest streets in Britain with an almost 22 degree gradient.

Residents in the street said they could’t believe their luck

One resident, who lives almost opposite, said that even though she was awake all night, she didn’t hear a thing but said: "It's awesome. We love it."

Crowds gathered all morning to see the painting while waiting to hear from the artist himself to find out if its a genuine Banksy mural.