The south Bristol streets affected by city diesel ban finally revealed

December 19 2019
The south Bristol streets affected by city diesel ban finally revealed

Bristol City Council has finally revealed the exact streets it wants to ban diesel cars from and charge polluting buses and taxis to enter.

By Amanda Cameron, Local Democracy Reporter

Many of the details are still to be finalised, such as charges and penalties, exemptions for certain groups, and other ways to alleviate the worst effects of the scheme on individuals and businesses.

But at this stage, the quirks of the proposed boundaries would see homes and businesses in dozens of roads affected differently depending on which end or side of the street they live on.

For example, the northern end of Greenway Bush Lane in Southville, and one side of the street in particular, would be affected by the diesel car ban while the rest of the road would escape it.

Other parts of south Bristol the diesel ban on private vehicles would affect include:

• Coronation Road and York Road

• A3029 as far as Ashton Vale Road opposite Ashton Gate

• Bath Road just past the Bath Road Bridge roundabout

• Bedminster Bridge roundabout and a short stretch of Bedminster Parade

The ban zone means that people who live in south Bristol and want to drive a diesel car into north Bristol between 7am and 3pm must cross the river at the Clifton Suspension Bridge or Totterdown Bridge.

They could not drive through the city without incurring a hefty fine.

The Clean Air Zone (CAZ), which expands beyond the diesel ban boundary and would see older, more polluting commercial vehicles charged a daily fee, encompasses large parts of south Bristol.

A map published by Bristol City Council showing the exact roads where the diesel
ban and clean air zone could be enforced

From Totterdown Bridge, the southern boundary of the CAZ runs southwest along the A4 Bath Road and follows the railway line north of Windmill Hill as far as Bedminster station.

It continues southwest, cutting across Bedminster Road, Parson Street, and Hartcliffe Way before heading west along South Liberty Lane and turning north towards Cumberland Basin.

On its way north, the CAZ takes in Ashton Vale and follows the North Somerset border for a short stretch before following the A370 towards the Cumberland Basin system.

Plans for an inner-city diesel car ban and wider clean air zone (CAZ) were submitted to the government on November 6.

They are still subject to refinement, public consultation and government approval, so the details could change before they are implemented by March 2021.