Hussey family back trailer campaign

December 30 2016
Hussey family back trailer campaign

Family of tragic Bedminster toddler back trailer campaign

The Land Rover and the trailer which came loose killing Freddie

THE FAMILY of Bedminster boy Freddie Hussey have allowed their son’s tragic death at the age of three to become the centre of a government road safety campaign.

Young Freddie died in January 2014 as he and his mother walked home along Parson Street after dropping off Freddie’s older brother at school. A two tonne trailer towed by a Land Rover careered across the pavement, fatally crushing Freddie.

A new road safety campaign, launched nationally, highlights the tragic incident in an attempt to get trailer owners to take more care over safety.

The  campaign follows Bristol South MP Karin Smyth’s support for Freddie’s parents, Donna and Scott Hussey, who have been demanding more action on safety standards for trailers.

The driver of the Land Rover, Tony Davies, from Hallen, was ordered to carry out 200 hours of community service for causing death through careless driving. he was also banned from driving for six months.

The Labour MP called a Parliamentary debate earlier in the year and arranged a meeting between Mr and Mrs Hussey and transport minister Andrew Jones.

The Hussey family had asked for an MOT test to be compulsory for trailers. That has not happened, but now the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has produced a simple online guide with a short video to help people check if their trailer is safe. It is targeted at anyone towing small trailers, caravans, horseboxes and boats.

Ms Smyth said: “Freddie’s family have been determined that some good should come of their son’s tragic death and we welcome this new government campaign as a tribute to Freddie’s memory.

 “When I first met Donna and Scott they didn’t realistically believe their efforts could bring about change. That this campaign is now being run also underlines the value of their persistence and their refusal to allow Freddie’s death to be in vain. 

“The local Bedminster community which has supported them through incredibly difficult times deserves a great deal of credit too.”

 Transport minister Andrew Jones said: “I was shocked and saddened by the death of three year-old Freddie Hussey.

It is absolutely essential that drivers carry out a few quick and simple checks to make sure their trailer is safe, so we do not see a repeat of this awful tragedy. This campaign will help drivers to make sure they are towing safely and will save lives in the process.”