'Let's get rid of these unsightly billboards'

July 01 2021
'Let's get rid of these unsightly billboards'

Residents near North Street Green are calling for two huge billboards to be removed.

They want to get rid of the corporate adverts and create a new improved vision for this green space, with the local community at its heart.

Campaigners, who have launched a petition, say the two billboards flanking the corner of the green spoil the area, calling them ‘eyesores’, ‘far too big’ and ‘visual smog’.

Local group Adblock BS3 is inviting people to sign a petition calling on Western Power Distribution - which owns the substation behind the billboards - to end its contract with the advertising company Global, take down the billboards and work with the community to transform the space.

Nicola Round from Adblock BS3 said:  "Before lockdown we spoke to dozens of people who live and work near the green, and found that people overwhelmingly feel that their neighbourhood would be better without the billboards. These huge big-brand adverts not only spoil the green, they undermine support for the local economy."

An alternative vision for North Street Green. Image by Pad Design, Bristol

The Bedminster Business Improvement District (BID) represents over 350 businesses.

A spokesperson said: "We believe corporate outdoor advertising can undermine our local economy by preferencing large corporations over local businesses. There are dozens of billboards in the Bedminster area and we wish to see these numbers reduced."

Chris Cierpik, of Rare Butchers of Southville, said: "What makes North Street so special is the great independent businesses and we can do without the eyesore of billboards defacing our street."

Resident Kate Swatridge said: "I live opposite North Street Green with my family. We love it here, but these big billboards are so out of place. We can’t help but look at the adverts every day and they are very intrusive."

Households close by will receive an activity pack this month which invites them to share their ideas for improving North Street Green, without the billboards. The pack was designed by Bedminster-based OSH. Visit www.adfreecities.org.uk/north-street-green/ to sign the petition and get your activity pack.