Volunteers needed to help community asset blossom

September 23 2021
Volunteers needed to help community asset blossom

A Totterdown resident is organizing a public meeting for anyone interested in the future of Zone A.

By Lindsey Cole

The land off Wells Road, between Firfield Street and Highgrove Street, is owned by the community of Totterdown. “People aren’t aware it’s a community asset. It has symbolic importance to Totterdown,” said local resident, Jeremy Welsh [pictured].

Following the demolition of the area around Angers Road for a road development in the 1980s, that was subsequently abandoned, Bristol City Council gave the land to the community as a reconciliatory gesture.

Totterdown Area Community Association would like to ensure that the land continues to belong to the community for future generations and are looking for volunteers who are interested in managing, maintaining and planting for the future. They are also looking for trustees who will ensure the land is used in the wider interest of the community.

 “It’s a blank canvas which could be developed in many different ways. It’s currently not being fulfilled. This is a great opportunity for local people to come together and improve a valuable community asset.

“If someone wants to take on a small project in the community, this is their chance. We could have formal gardens, something more wildlife based or even a skate park. It’s got potential but we need volunteers to help come up with ideas, organise and fundraise.”

To get involved with the development of Zone A, the meeting will be held at Saltcellar, Totterdown Baptist Church on Cemetery Road on 14th October 2021, at 19:30.