Volunteers wanted for diabetes charity

September 23 2021
Volunteers wanted for diabetes charity

A local charity, supporting people with type 2 diabetes, is urgently calling on south Bristolians to volunteer as peer mentors.

Since the easing of Covid restrictions, Brigstowe has seen a rise in the number of referrals to their peer support service - and they need locals who are living well with the condition to help meet the demand for mentors.

According to the charity, the pandemic has impacted patients’ access to non-acute care, with vital health checks being either postponed or cancelled. It has also caused the closure of many support groups and other social networks.

Danni, a peer mentor living in South Bristol, says: “I love being a peer mentor, it gives me so much pleasure to help other people in the same situation as me. By mentoring it also gives me strength to continue to manage my type 2 diabetes.”

Applications close on October 1, so visit brigstowe.org/diabetes to apply, or contact diabetes@brigstowe.org or 0117 9055 5038.