‘We want our deposit back’ say former renters of ‘disaster’ property

January 31 2020
‘We want our deposit back’ say former renters of ‘disaster’ property

A dispute has broken out between former tenants of a property in Knowle and its owner after the occupants failed to receive their deposit after vacating the house.

The four renters of 20 Knowle Road say that they have been waiting for their £1,880 deposit to be returned since the end of November, when they left the property, which is rented out through Taylors Estate Agents.

The occupants say that they were informed that it would be returned within two weeks, but the money has still not been received.

The landlady, Misha Simmonite, who owns other properties across Bristol including the Gothic Mansion in Redcatch Road, has contested that the house was left unclean and that the tenants had caused damage to the property.

However, Ayman Zaid, one of the tenants, has argued that the property was left in a “better state” than when they first moved in and cited dozens of issues they had encountered during the six-month tenancy.

Mr Zaid said: “Our tenancy has been nothing short of a disaster from the moment we moved in.”

One of the more serious complaints made was that the tenants would sometimes find the landlady and tradesmen in the property and garden without any notice given.

Ms Simmonite has disputed this claim, saying that “they were always given notice when tradesman [sic] needed to be in the building”.

She said that the “management company notified the main person, but [the] message didn’t get passed on. This happened a number of times”.

Some of the other issues highlighted included a leak in one of the bedrooms (pictured, below), which the tenants say they reported in June 2019 but was never fixed, the garden being inaccessible for half of the tenancy and faulty appliances.

Bedroom roof leak

Ms Simmonite says that “every repair was attended to”.

The dispute over the deposit has since been raised with an independent party, My Deposits, which is reviewing the landlady’s and the tenants’ claims.

A spokesperson from Taylors said: “Taylors take these matters seriously and have been working with both the tenant and landlord to reach a resolution.

“This case has now been raised with My Deposits, an independent impartial organisation, which will act to assess and adjudicate the dispute between both parties.

“Taylors adhere to strict regulation and processes and can confirm that it has followed these procedures throughout.”

The property was previously rented out by Ms Simmonite as a holiday let to large groups and hen and stag parties, but she was found guilty of breaching noise rules and fined £45,820 following complaints from neighbours.

Image: Google Maps