We're walking in a Window Wanderland

January 31 2020
We're walking in a Window Wanderland

The south Bristol Window Wanderland is happening this month.

Residents are invited to decorate their windows as brightly and creatively as possible while those who 'wander' can walk around the neighbourhood, enjoying the spectacle.

It began in Bishopston in 2015 and has spread to other cities and towns across the UK, establishing itself abroad too.

Window Wanderland in Southville, Bedminster and Ashton will start on February 28, with displays left up for at least a week.

A spokesperson said: "The idea is straightforward and two sided. One aspect is that people decorate their windows and leave their light on and their curtains open between 6 and 9pm for seven days. Decorations can be really fancy, but sometimes simple is more effective.

"To get some ideas of what others have done in the past, go to www.windowwanderland.com. This site should answer most of your questions, but if not, the local co-ordinators (all volunteers) can be contacted at bs3windowwanderland@gmail.com

"‘Wander’ is the other part of Window Wanderland, so expect to see lots of people walking around our neighbourhoods between 6 and 9pm from 28 February looking into windows.

"We are not able to publish a map this year so why not explore the streets near you and tell your friends and neighbours where to find amusing windows and fascinating streets?"