Hedgehogs breeding in BS3

August 25 2017
Hedgehogs breeding in BS3

Hedgehogs breeding in BS3 – plus My Wild Bedminster competition



The hogs of Frobisher Road, by Andrew Price

The winner of our monthly £10 prize in the My Wild Bedminster competition is here!

Andrew Price and his neighbours in Frobisher Road, Ashton, released four rescued hogs last year. Now they have proof that they are successfully breeding!

More on hedgehog rescue in BS3 below, but first ...



THE deadline for our schools competition is September 30. We know many schools have been thinking about how to improve their own environment for wildlife.

The school that gives us the best artwork on this theme will win prizes worth £100 towards their goal – whether it’s for nesting boxes, helping to build a pond, or something else. For details, email paul@southbristolvoice.co.uk

• The schools competition is generously sponsored by Besley Hill Bedminster – now known as Hunters.

Who’s willing to help Alex make more Highways for Hedgehogs?

Here’s a prickly predicament - maybe you can help? Voice writer and ecologist Alex Morss has appealed to residents to make a small hole in their garden wall or fence before the autumn, as she steps up efforts to make South Bristol more hedgehog friendly.

Alex has been caring for rescued hedgehogs for re-releasing back into their urban habitat, but points out that they cannot be released locally unless more habitat is made available.

“In this area they rely on a patchwork habitat of connected gardens, so a small effort, by making a 13 x 13cm hole in your garden wall to give them access, can multiple their food and shelter sites many times over,” said Alex. “This makes a huge difference to their chance of success. Each hog needs to be able to roam a very large area to meet its needs. Hedgehog populations have fallen significantly but you can easily help improve their outlook.”  

She has put letters through doors near her home in Windmill Hill and appealed on social media for people to make a hole for a Hedgehog Highway – basically knock out one brick or make a fence gap. 

Her hedgehog recovery effort  supports local hedgehog rescue charities. 

She said: “In recent weeks we’ve been caring for Houdini, a poorly juvenile male hog, who was determined to escape once he was fit and healthy again, which was great to see, and he has now made his way off into the night. 

“We are still looking after Minnie. She broke her leg in a mousetrap, but is doing well and has now built herself a cosy nest in my garden. She too will go back to the wild when she is ready.”  

More advice here: 

• hedgehogstreet.org 

• @hedgehogsociety 

Hedgehog Highway plaque

• Avon Wildlife Trust will give a Hedgehog Highway plaque to anyone who makes a new access for hedgehogs. To claim your plaque, just ask Alex. She’d also like to hear from you if you have
seen hedgehogs in BS3 or BS4. 










Highway hero: A free plaque is on offer to hedgehog helpers