Wealth of talent from film to poetry from the Young Persons Collective

December 21 2018
Young artists exhibit at the Totterdown Centre

Weeks of work restoring derelict parts of the Totterdown Centre pays off for young artists

Films by Stan Harding-Hill

Ghost House by Josephine

Phones by Jess

Anna chalking


Pictured: Top, portrait by Jess; films by Stan Harding-Hill; Ghost House by Josephine; phone and tablet art by Jess; and chalk art by Anna.

IF YOU WANT to see what talented young people can do when they put their mind to something, the Art Exhibition at the Totterdown Centre from December 7-9 was worth a visit.

The Young Persons Collective spent weeks cleaning, scrubbing, painting and repairing the formerly derelict space at 138 Wells Road – entered off Firfield Street.

The exhibition allowed them to show off their artistic abilities, which are huge.

On show were photography, film, poetry, writing, and more, including some quirky stuff such as painting using recycled phones and tablets.

The Voice liked Rose's collection of poetry – poems she has written since she was six – including a very clever one inspired by Edward Lear's Jabberwocky.

Josephine created an exhibition called Ghost House, looking back to the handful of houses remaining on some Totterdown streets after the clearances of the late 1960s to make way for the flyover that was never built. She took her inspiration for the inside-out houses created by the artist Rachel Whiteread on derelict sites in the East End of London, and the works of painter Alfred Wallis.

Stan was showing loops of his short films full of intricate cuts, often of South Bristol scenes and skylines.

And one of the most attractive pieces of live art was the chalkboard created to advertise the show by Anna.

The Young Persons Collective meets regularly after school – it's designed to be a safe space for teeangers to meet and be creative. To find out more visit Totterdown Healing Spaces on Facebook.