Domestic abuse statistics revealed in South Bristol as film fest seeks to draw a line

September 06 2016
Domestic abuse revealed in South Bristol

BRISTOL Zero Tolerance has released new statistics about the extent of domestic abuse in South Bristol in advance of its first creative media event, the Bristol Zero Tolerance Film Festival. The micro-format film festival will take place on September 27 at The Station in central Bristol, from 6.30-9.45pm.


Zero Tolerance film fest banner

BZT is a new initiative from the Bristol Women’s Commissionin partnership with Bristol Women’s Voice.

Its figures show that the South Bristol wards of Hartcliffe and Filwood – also the poorest areas of the city – have the worst record for domestic abuse.

Hartcliffe and Withywood recorded a rate of 42 incidents of domestic abuse per 1,000 adults. Incidents are any recorded crime which police have flagged with a domestic abuse element in 2015-16.
Filwood is not far behind with 32 incidents per 1,000, well above the Bristol average of 14.

The full table is given below. Windmill Hill and Southville fare much better, with 12 incidents per 1,000 over-16s, and Bedminster's figure is 11. Knowle is slightly higher at 13.

The Zero Tolerance Film Fest will host up to 180 people (18+ due to the content), in a bid to bring the conversation about gender-based violence to the forefront of public discussion in Bristol. The evening will feature a selection of UK-made short films, kept secret until the night, all of which are exploring the common theme of gender-based violence. The series of shorts will then lead into a screening of US documentary Sin By Silence (2009, 49 minutes), which follows the experiences of convicted female survivors of domestic abuse who formed a support group in prison in the 1990s.

“I have selected quite a mixed range of shorts for the festival, and some of what we are showing is really hard-hitting stuff. I think you need to be brutally honest when it comes to the subject matter of gender-based violence, whilst also avoiding turning it into an object of pity. Although it is a very serious subject area, I think the selection is very empowering and successfully celebrates recovery from various forms of abuse,” said Amber McClatchey, programmer for the BZT Film Fest.

Bristol Zero Tolerance— named for its aims to make Bristol a city with zero tolerance to all forms of gender-based violence, abuse, harassment and exploitation— is building a strong network of partner organisations in the city. In addition to the selected films, the event will host a photography exhibition, produced by contributors from See It From Her’s (SIFH) Survivor Project. SIFH is an organisation that gives women and girls the tools and support they need to tell their own story through the medium of photography, and delegates at the film festival will be encouraged to think about how to support more projects like this in Bristol.

Charlotte Gage from Bristol Zero Tolerance said: "We wanted to raise awareness about gender-based violence in a creative and exciting way, to challenge people and get them to ask questions about what gender-based violence is and what responses to it can be. This is part of the wider work of Bristol Zero Tolerance to address attitudes and behaviours which condone and normalise gender-based violence and to create a city where this is no longer acceptable and everyone is able to get the help and support they need to live without fear.”

The event will culminate with a panel discussion from various experts from across the city, including Sue Mountstevens, Police and Crime Commissioner for Avon & Somerset. The discussion will be facilitated by Charlotte Gage, Partnerships Project Officer at Bristol Zero Tolerance and the event will be compared by Penny Gane, Chair of the Bristol Women’s Commission.

Council ward name is followed by instances of domestic abuse per 
1,000 adults (over 16). Statistics from Avon & Somerset police.
Hartcliffe & Withywood 42; Filwood 32; Lawrence Hill 21; Southmead 19; Henbury & Brentry 19; Avonmouth & Lawrence Weston 18; Brislington East 17; Lockleaze 17; Hillfields 17; Central 17; St George West 15; Eastville 15; Bishopsworth 14; Bristol average 14; Horfield 14; Stockwood 14; Hengrove & Whitchurch Park 13; Knowle 13; St George Central 13; Ashley 13; Frome Vale 13; Windmill Hill 12; Brislington West 12; Easton 12; Southville 12; Bedminster 11; Hotwells & Harbourside 9; St George Troopers Hill 9; Stoke Bishop 5 Bishopston & Ashley Down 5; Redland 5; Clifton 5; Cotham 4; Westbury-on-Trym & Henleaze 4; Clifton Down 3.